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*Please Note: Energy healing is not intended to be used as a replacement for appropriate medical care. 

I do not diagnose, treat or cure disease. Rather, energy healing is a wonderful complimentary and conjunctive healing practice that can be used as a companion to traditionally recommended medical treatment. is a registered aspect of Flowstate Enterprises and Jennifer Ammann, Inc.


"My session with Jen was fantastic! After seeing her I had more range of motion and less pain in my back and shoulder than in the last 10 years!" 

        - Laurence

"I felt so much release during my session with Jen, like I could feel energy just lifting off me. I felt great afterwards and had one of the best nights of sleep in my life!"

- Julie

"I'd heard of energy healing before but never exposed myself to the process, until it found me. I injured the MCL on my knee while snowboarding in 2016 and went through physical therapy but always had lingering pain. I tried massage therapy, exercises, chiropractic healing.... When I found Jen I had re-injured myself and could barely walk, the pain was worse than ever. When I had a session with Jen she incredibly knew exactly where to begin the healing without me pointing out any details or subtleties about where the pain was located. Instantly I felt better and the next morning I was able to take a slow jog through the forest and go for a swim.

- Patrick

Healing with Jen was like a cleanse for the spirit. I had never felt so open and loving as I did after I left my first session with her. Jen brought the experience to a whole other level. She introduced me to information that changed my perspective and gave me inspiration for days after my session. I felt alert and motivated to conquer my goals with my energy flowing in the right direction. Jen has an incredible intuition and was able to connect me to a higher consciousness that I wasn’t even aware was possible.

- Elisabeth

Testimonials are personal experiences.

Individual results may vary.

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I firmly believe that each one of us has the power to heal from the past and to live in vibrant, radiant health. I offer profound healing services for your mind, body and spirit, and can help you achieve a state of being where you can thrive absolutely.


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