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*Please Note: Energy healing is not intended to be used as a replacement for appropriate medical care. 

I do not diagnose, treat or cure disease. Rather, energy healing is a wonderful complimentary and conjunctive healing practice that can be used as a companion to traditionally recommended medical treatment. is a registered aspect of Flowstate Enterprises and Jennifer Ammann, Inc.

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Into the


Once used for inner seeking, illumination or letting go of the past, the power of the labyrinth has long been forgotten by the modern world. The Labyrinth is a sacred symbol and a meditation tool that was used by ancient humankind the world over to seek inner wisdom and answers to life's challenges, and labyrinth walks can provide profound and healing changes for each person who participates in one. Labyrinth walks are known to stimulate life force energy and a deeper connection to your inner wisdom/higher self. Labyrinths also balance the left and right brain.

"Into the labyrinth" will be an ongoing series of unique and subtle art happenings that will take place in series. I will be constructing or painting labyrinths for each event, as well as individual labyrinth paintings for each participant. My intention is to both raise awareness of this ancient healing and meditation tool as well as to provide this tool and experience to those who come to the event.


Do you have a space in which you would like to host a labyrinth walk or event?  Drop me a line, let's collaborate!

to the cosmos and back!

a meditation and geometry workshop:

Learn how to alight the perfectly proportional geometries that underlie your energy field. Bring more peace, love, joy and personal power into your life by practicing a modern version of an ancient meditation. This workshop will focus on the platonic polyhedra, a.k.a. the Platonic solids. These shapes are the symbols behind the form of the seen universe and are the only existent shapes with congruent polygonal faces and equal sides and angles meeting at each vertex. This workshop will delve into the importance of these shapes, how they exist within our own energetic make-up, and will include a 15 minute guided meditation download for each participant.

Topics to include:

-The persistence and allure of the Polyhedra: from ancient civilizations to Plato and Leonardo to now.

-Why these geometries are foundational to our energy field and how they are at the heart of all existence.

-The meditation practice known as the mer-ka-ba and how to use it to create a more joy-filled human existence.

-An introduction to sacred geometry and what is has to do with our physical form and the shape of matter.

-The particular attributes and spiritual symbolism behind each of the platonic solids: the dodecahedron, the octahedron, the icosahedron, the tetrahedron and the cube; as well as the sphere and the flower of life pattern.